"Fire drill, alarm bells"-Jinggong Technology held employee fire safety emergency drill
source:Jinggong Science and Technology      Release time:2020/04/29


In order to further strengthen the company's safety management, enhance the company's employees 'fire awareness, and improve employees' self-prevention and self-rescue capabilities, on the morning of April 28, Jinggong Technology and Keshe District Huashe Street Security Inspection Office carried out a new fire emergency drill . Our employees have mastered the correct use of fire extinguishers in this exercise, and are familiar with the fire escape skills and "cardiopulmonary resuscitation" safety first aid methods.


This exercise is divided into two parts: theoretical knowledge explanation and practical operation exercise. The instructor of the street security inspection office first explained in detail to our employees how to judge the patient's indications of cardiac arrest, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, operation steps, precautions during the ambulance process, indications of successful resuscitation, correct use of dry powder fire extinguishers Knowledge content. Afterwards, the instructor conducted a field exercise using a simulated person, "judging consciousness, judging breathing, urgently calling for help, determining the frequency of chest compressions, and blowing air from mouth to mouth ...", while explaining the importance of "rescue gold for 4 minutes" And do correct demonstrations on the ground. In the process of observing and listening, each employee maintains a rigorous attitude, listens carefully, and speculates carefully. In the subsequent fire and fire simulation scene, employee representatives also went on to practice all the correct steps for extinguishing fires with fire extinguishers. Finally, the staff of the street security inspection office put forward opinions and suggestions on the individual deficiencies in this fire emergency drill.


As a vivid and effective actual combat teaching, this fire emergency drill highly mobilized the attention and learning ability of the employees present. Through this drill, the company's employees' fire safety awareness has been significantly enhanced, and the ability to respond to emergencies has also improved, laying a more solid foundation for the company's future safe, healthy, and orderly development.